Planning Ahead

Why Plan Ahead?

We recognise that none of us like to think of our death, however, it is inevitable to us all, and making some simple practical arrangements in advance can help reduce the number of decisions and stress at the time of your death by your surviving family members.

Vincent Funeral Services can assist you to pre-arrange your funeral and provide you with information on financial options (insurance, bonds, pre-paid) to determine what suits your circumstances best.

Basic preparations could include the following:

Ensuring your affairs are in order.

Make sure that those who need to know are aware of where all your personal documents are held.

Make sure also that your keys and important documents are kept in known places.

Keep your financial and personal business papers together so that the handling of your estate doesn't create unnecessary problems.

You can record most of the essential information that will be required at the time of a funeral in the Personal Profile Record. Fill it in and leave a copy with your next-of-kin, executor or a close friend.