Funeral Pricing

"Our service fee has no nasty surprises. We provide a transparent quote at the initial consultation."

Peter Vincent

There are four components to a total funeral cost

1 - Standard Professional & Administration Fee

This fee, charged by Funeral Directors, covers all of the expenses that relate to the operational and administrative parts of the entire funeral arrangements and service that are common to everyone.

The fee covers the funeral service and the proceedings including transfer of the deceased into our care 24 hours per day (within our area), mortuary care, viewings, up to 200 high quality service booklets, provision of hearse and our staff, completing the necessary paperwork, and the dozens of little things we do for every family.

Our standard professional & administration fee is currently $3,800 for a funeral taking place in one location (e.g. a cremation service in one of our chapels or in a church or a graveside only service) and $4,070 for a service in two locations (e.g. a chapel or church service followed by a burial service). A lower fee applies where no formal funeral ceremony takes place.

2 - Coffin or Casket Cost

The coffin or casket choice can be made by selecting at one of our chapels or by viewing a photo album with one of our consultants, our coffin and casket photos can also be viewed on line.

Our coffin and casket prices range from $1,200 through to $5,890. Our range is extensive with many coffins and caskets covering many tastes, materials and budget considerations.

3 - Cremation or Burial Fee

Each council or crematorium authority has a fee. Burial fees vary from cemetery to cemetery. An approximate cost today is between $1,200 and $2,150. Each burial cost depends on the cemetery and grave depth.

Cremation fees are lower. Our current cremation fee is $900. Our cremation fee includes the doctors fees, many funeral directors will charge this as an extra.

4 - Other Outgoing Expenses

Vincent Funeral Services does not add extra fees (except for GST as per relevant government legislation) to individual disbursements such as newspaper notices, floral tributes, clergy or celebrant, organist, church or venue fees. Each disbursement is itemised on the main funeral account after the funeral has been carried out.

Detailed below is the approximate cost (including GST) of some of these items:

Clergy or Celebrant (note some charge more)




Notices (Advocate standard funeral and death notice 20 lines)


Floral tribute


Catering (60 people)


There are many more options available that individualise a funeral and these can be discussed with our staff in person or on the phone.

All prices quoted on this website include GST .