Funeral Options

We are here to assist you and provide you with information on funeral options that will help 

create a funeral that is a true reflection of your loved one who has died, 

and a special experience for family and friends.

Below is an example of three funeral options and their price ranges,

followed by information on the components of the funeral options.

Specific examples of itemised costs can be viewed on our pricing page.

Vincent Funeral Services funeral consultants, 

will guide and assist you in these decisions 

during the arrangement meeting. 

Burial or Cremation


We arrange all details regarding the final resting place. Burials can be arranged in any cemetery in existing graves or the purchase of new plots.


All the formalities for the cremation are attended to. The cremation takes place at the North West Regional Crematorium, Ulverstone.

Ashes memorials

The option for scattering or burial of a loved ones ashes are discussed with the family and ceramic, wooden or metal urns are available upon request.

Memorial gardens - At our Ulverstone complex there is a memorial garden which has facilities for rose garden placement of ashes and niche wall. We can facilitate placement in any other garden or niche wall. 

Green Funerals

Environmentally friendly options for funerals 

Environmentally friendly choices are becoming more popular.

An Eco Funeral is simply thinking about the environment when planning a funeral.

This is not just in the choice of coffin/casket and the materials they are made from, but also in how the deceased is cared for through the preparation and even extending to decisions about burial or cremation or natural burial.

Find out more information and options here - Green Funerals Tasmania

Service Options

The Venue

The type of venue you choose will often be reflective of the deceased. Some examples of options:

Chapel - We can conduct a funeral at any of our chapels located in Burnie, Ulverstone and Devonport.

Church - We can conduct a funeral for any denomination.

Public Halls and Parks - These venues have been used on occasions when it is known that there will be very large attendance numbers at the funeral.

A garden, a forest, on a beach, or near a creek - There may be a place that was very special to the deceased which would be appropriate for the funeral.

Type of Service

Funeral Service

The funeral service is performed at the venue of your choice.

If a burial is chosen, often a committal service is performed at the graveside. A procession to the final resting place by all those present at the funeral service to pay their last respects, or you may chose for this to be a family only, private time.

Memorial Service

A memorial service is performed at the venue of your choice, after a burial or cremation has occurred, or on occasions where a private funeral service is held or where the deceased's body is not able to be present.

Clergy or Celebrant

For those who are members of a religious denomination, your minister or priest will most likely be the one you choose to conduct the funeral service. Civil Celebrants also conduct funeral services.

We will contact and arrange the date and time of the funeral with the clergy/celebrant, who would then contact the family to arrange to meet and discuss aspects of the service.

Peter Vincent and several of our staff are also experienced in conducting funeral services. 


A viewing offers family and friends the opportunity to see and spend time with their loved ones after death and prior to the funeral. Viewing the deceased is a very personal choice and is not obligatory, but most people find the viewing a positive experience to farewell their loved one. Letters, photographs, flowers, special mementos or significant objects can be placed in the coffin or casket with your loved one at this time. Viewing your loved one not only can help the bereaved in the grieving process and acknowledge and accept the reality and finality of death, but can also offer the opportunity to say a final goodbye.

The viewing can be arranged to take place just prior to the funeral service or within days prior to the funeral service at a time suitable to family and friends. Incorporated in all of our chapels is a viewing room for families wishing to pay their last respects, or we can arrange a viewing at the family home if you wish. Our qualified staff have the skills available to prepare and dress a loved one so that memories are pleasant and lasting. 

Newspaper notices

Our consultant will assist with the content of the death and funeral notices and will lodge these for publication in local and national newspapers on behalf of the family.

A death notice is a personal notice that family and friends place in memory of their loved one and can even include a verse at the end of the notice.

A funeral notice advises family and friends of the deceased that a death has occurred and provides details of the funeral service arrangements, where it is held and at what time. The funeral notice also provides an opportunity to specify if donations are requested in lieu of flowers. 


Our company provides well equipped hearses and unmarked home transfer vehicles. 

We have both a Ford and a Holden Hearse, either of which may be specifically requested for a funeral of someone who had a keen interest in cars.

Some other options we can arrange are trucks, motorcycles and vintage cars.


The gathering and sharing with family and friends in a time of fellowship and refreshments plays an important role in the service.

Our refreshment rooms are separate from the chapels unlike many other facilities, and this gives families a greater chance to unwind and feel warm and comfortable. Our staff can make the function run smoothly relieving families of this burden. We use local suppliers for our food catering, otherwise you can bring your own and we will serve tea, coffee etc.

Refreshments provided and served for 30 people is $270, 60 people is $540 or 90 people is $810 

Tea / Coffee and Refreshment Centre Hire associated with a funeral $250

Photo Presentation

Vincent Funeral Services offer a creative photographic presentation that will provide a moving and personalised element to the funeral service.

The presentation uses a selection of photographs of your loved one, family and friends, set to one of their favourite songs or piece of music.

Each of our chapels are fully equipped with the latest audio visual equipment, and using our portable wide screen television we are also able to present a photographic presentation at other venues such as churches and parks.

The presentation is also a memento to keep on dvd or mp4 download and includes a memorial keepsake book shown below. 

Additional copies available for purchase on request.

Photo presentation cost is $160 for up to 50 photos. 

Service Booklets

Our service books are the best around and are a quality keepsake. The outside cover is a 200gsm thick card on which we print high quality colour photos of your loved one.

Our creative staff can design a service sheet that is special and individual with your input. The design can be more traditional or very different and flamboyant. Up to 200 service booklets are included in our service fee. 


Music is an integral part of the funeral service and the selection usually sets the emotional tone of the service.

Music can be played from CD's, or we can organise musicians who play organs, guitars, keyboards, bagpipes, the bugle - even a harp. We are able to source and play most music requested.

Choirs, singers, and soloists can also be arranged for a service.

Fees from musicians are passed on. 


The selection of flowers is a very personal choice. We are more than happy to organise any floral tributes required.

Instead of sending flowers, sometimes families invite friends to make a donation to a particular charity or health service in memory of the person who has died.

Fees from florists are passed on. 

Live Streaming / Recording

We have the technology available to provide you with a live streaming of the funeral service. Families who have relatives overseas who may not be able to attend otherwise find this service invaluable. 

Live streaming is dependent on reliable internet connections which are not always available. We strive to stream services uninterrupted but can not always do so. In cases of poor internet connections, in most cases a complete video of the service will be available after the service.

The service fee for Live Streaming is $220. Recording only is $110

Memorial Book

Vincent Funeral Services is honoured to present a special memorial to the next of kin following the funeral service. This book includes details of the funeral service, names of those present at the service, copy of newspaper notices and a recording of the funeral.

Memorial books are included in the service fee. 

Cremation Service

from $6,700

Cremation funeral service (public or private) at one of our chapels, a church, or a venue special to your family.



Additional options to consider:

Burial Service

from $7,700 (cemetery dep.)

Burial funeral service (public or private) at one of our chapels, a church,  or a venue special to your family.



Additional options to consider:

Direct Cremation


Cremation only. No service and no attendance.



Additional options to consider: